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Work from 4 fellow students and I.

Bustos creates some wicked artwork.

Dinecon Andas

Placed some images up with a group of 5 fellow students onto a Virtual Art Gallery. Each put on 4 images to fill the 20 image capacity of the gallery. Still working on a title but may keep it untitled.

You’ve seen Russel Brand take into his grip the banner of a Utopian future, a celebrity that talks about egalitarian ideals!…. I have since drifted towards the acceptance that there will never be a Utopia that I would agree with – as my belief is that only in struggle are we truly alive or possess VITALITY. Only by giving up your identity, freedom, and individuality (all that this entails) will utopia ever be realized – it is a price to pay. The reason I mention Russel Brand is because of the interview he did recently on the BBC with Jeremy Paxton. There have been a number of responses to this – I’ll give you the link to one I found interesting.

Thomas Sheridan is an artist, writer and musician from Ireland that argues there is now an infiltration and watering down of the alternative media realm. Just as the anti-war movements were warped into flower power, and rock and rap was softened, now he reckons the conspiracy theory sphere is being disarmed and rearmed with infiltrator agendas to deaden and nullify independence from government in any way, shape, or form for the human being living upon the earth. There now is a “purple” pill to consume(a middle of the road non stance – that has a taste of the red and blue pills but none of their hard edge and substance).

Original Soundtrack from Lost Eden. Probably is not for everyone, but this is just to give you a taste of how great music was for old computer games.

I am looking purely at drypoint for printmaking, this artist is based in Melbourne. The mark making is similar to how I approach a plate with the needle.

The Origin of War 3. Etching by Marco Luccio 2013.

The Origin of War 3. Etching by Marco Luccio 2013.

By Andy Goldsworthy

By Andy Goldsworthy

By naturalist artist Nils Udo

By naturalist artist Nils Udo

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